From our boats to your table.
We’ve put together our favourites to make it even easier to prepare ‘feel good’ Ocean Wise recommended seafood meals at home.  Order a kit for yourself or for a gift, and pick up curbside or have it delivered.  Delivery is $10 and we deliver to Vancouver, North Shore & Squamish.
Each kit has been curated with a special selection, and you can add on more items in the order form below.  Check out the new addition, our “Be My Catch Kit” for Valentine’s Day!
If you have any questions, please reach out to


Be My Catch Kit

Everything you need to make our Poke Tower!

this box includes:

Poke (1lb)




Chili P

Stainless Steel Ring (for tower)

Parthenon Sesame Seeds

Something Sweet

(makes about 2-4 towers)
Check out our recipe for tower assembly & pita making instructions.
We recommend adding on Cioffi’s Farchioni Olive Oil & Parthenon Fresh Pita or Little Nori Sheets so you have something to enjoy your Tower with!


The Poke Kit

this box includes:

Tuna Poke

The Marinade

Sushi Rice

Pickled Ginger

Black Sesame Seeds

Little Nori

(feeds 2-4 people)
MC tip: add wasabi powder to your order to add heat to The Marinade!


The Sushi Kit

this box includes:

Tuna Loin

The Marinade

Big Nori

Sushi Rice

Wasabi Powder

Pickled Ginger

Black Sesame Seeds

Sushi Roller

(feeds 2-4 people)
MC tip: add Toro so you can create different rolls!


The Smoke Show

this box includes:

Smoked Tuna Loin

Smoked Black Cod Portions

La Barca Smoked Olive Oil

Maldon Smoked Salt

(feeds about 2-4 people)
MC tip: add an extra regular Tuna Loin to your order to mix it up!


The Cheeky Kit

this box includes:

Halibut Cheeks

Halibut Fillet


Fleur de sel with herbs de Provence

Chef Laura’s Go Fish Rub

(feeds 2-4 people)
MC tip: marinade the Cheeks in the pesto then pan fry on high heat!


The Shellfish Kit

It’s okay to be Shellfish!

this box includes:

Spot Prawn Tails (1lb)

Side Stripe Shrimp Tails (1lb)

Farchioni Olive Oil

Chili Flake Grinder

(feeds about 2-4 people)
NOTE: this kit doesn’t include pasta because we want you to select fresh (as pictured) or dry.  Choose one below to make a simple & delicious meal!