From our boats to your table.
We’ve put together our favourites to make it even easier to prepare ‘feel good’ Ocean Wise recommended seafood meals at home.  Order a kit for yourself or for a gift, and pick up curbside or have it delivered. Each kit has been curated with a special selection, and you can add on more items through our Shop.
If you have any questions, or if you want us to make you a custom kit, please reach out to


The Sushi Kit

this box includes:

Tuna Loin (1 lb)

The Marinade

Big Nori

Sushi Rice

Wasabi Powder

Pickled Ginger

Black Sesame Seeds

Sushi Roller

(feeds 2-4 people)
MC tip: add Toro so you can create different rolls!

Make it sushi with a kick –
add on Chili P!


The Crudo Kit

this box includes:

Tuna Loin (1 lb)

Valle Verde Olive Oil

Côte D’Azur Capers

Belmandil Fleur de Sel

Chili Mill Grinder


(feeds 2-4 people)
MC tip: makes a great holiday party appie!